Gyártó: Lu-Ve

Main features
Special tubeless exchangers in steel, manufactured to a world-exclusive LU-VE technique. 
Maximum capacity in the minimum space for customized applications. 
Elevated thermal exchange and contained dimensions. 
Reduced volume and total internal cleaning. 
Strong construction, highly resistent to corrosion. 
16 models from 470 to 5460 kW 

Every condenser undergoes a special surface treatment process: phosphatisation, double-immersion painting and oven drying. This treatment ensures total resistance to corrosion, especially in salt-air marine environments 

STVF condensers have been tested in salt spray chambers according to ASTM B117 for 400 hours.

Optimum matching with fans 
The STVF series is achieved by combining the corresponding STFTcondenser with the most suitable fanmotor group.

STVF 67 - 1/1
Termék azonosító: STVF 67
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